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We advocate for business-driven public policy and work with our members, partners and investors to influence long-term prosperity and quality of life in our region.  Our government affairs outreach is vital to ensure your voice is heard on local, state and national legislative public policy issues.  Simply put, we are the link between business and government identifying priorities for a regional legislative agenda at the state and national level.

Government affects business through taxation, regulation, infrastructure development and policy direction. By reviewing federal and state legislation, we keep you aware of proposed laws that could have an impact, good or bad, on your business and the Northwest Arkansas region.


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We’re tracking state and federal legislation that may have an impact on your business. When you have questions or need additional information about what’s going on, contact us. We need your voice to help define legislative priorities. Let’s also talk about how we can get you involved. Contact Jon Moran, Vice President of Government Affairs.

Sign up to receive weekly email updates on activities and issues occurring in Little Rock and Washington D.C. that impact on your business. Attend a monthly Government Affairs Committee meeting to hear updates on policy and legislation and discuss government-related issues affecting our region.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to receive breaking news, updates on legislative activities, and calls to action.

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