Endeavor Foundation's Hark Organization Connects People to Vital Community Resources & Catalyst Fund

Published Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Message From Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Raymond Burns

This is an unprecedented time in our country. Health and economic concerns are weighing heavily on us all. As a business owner, we know you and your employees are feeling the stress that comes with this ongoing uncertainty.

This is an important announcement about support available to your employees for connecting to vital resources in the community, including the Catalyst Fund, a financial assistance program. These resources are free of charge.

Endeavor Foundation's Hark Nonprofit Organization
Three years ago, Endeavor Foundation launched Hark, a nonprofit organization that helps people get connected to vital community resources, especially for those moments when "life happens". Since then, Hark has helped thousands of people connect to the services that they and their families need.

Hark has the most extensive map of NWA resources ever created: one that is constantly updated with current information; one that links households to more than 50 different areas of need and hundreds of service providers; and one that can create a comprehensive action plan that can easily be shared through email or text. Hark is also unique in that it follows up with each person to make sure they are successfully connected to the help they need. And Hark's services are timely, confidential, and free of charge to individuals and families.

The Catalyst Fund (General and Rental/Mortgage Assistance)
One special resource that Hark oversees is the Catalyst Fund, a financial assistance program created by Walton Family Foundation and Endeavor Foundation, which offers $250 for general assistance and $1,000 for rental/mortgage assistance to qualifying households.

We ask that you forward this information to your employees to let them know that Hark is here to help them bridge the gap during these trying times.

Hark has helped thousands of people across Northwest Arkansas get connected to resources. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hark is standing by, ready to arm you with up-to-date community resources.

Learn more and get connected at www.harknwa.com/getconnected

For questions and support email support@harknwa.com.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or if we can help you.  

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