Rogers Public Schools Students Share Benefits of Work-Based Learning Experiences

Posted by: Justin Freeman on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Rogers Public Schools has partnered with local businesses and industries to provide authentic work-based learning experiences for 11th and 12th grade students. Students may choose among Internship, Career Practicum and Youth Apprenticeship courses that align with career fields that they are interested in pursuing following high school graduation. These experiences also help increase awareness of jobs that are available within companies in the local community and Northwest Arkansas region.

Currently, there are over 180 students representing Rogers High School, Rogers New Technology High School and Rogers Heritage High School participating in work-based learning experiences with companies in Northwest Arkansas. Below are some student comments highlighting the beneficial job and professional skills that they have gained from these work experiences.

Andrea Gomez | Retail Sales Associate, Goodwill
As a retail sales associate with Goodwill, Andrea Gomez shared the benefits of her work-based learning experiences saying, “I have been able to gain skills in leadership, communication, customer service, teamwork cooperation, time management, and some information on how to run a business.” She added, “In the future, I plan to graduate from College with a degree in Business. I am wanting to become an Entrepreneur, and being able to work at Goodwill has allowed me to gain and strengthen many of my skills. Every skill that I have been able to obtain through work will allow me to prepare for the business that I will be opening up in the future.”

Hailey Mason | Intern, Northwest Health
Hailey Mason noted that the opportunity to work as a student intern at Northwest Health has helped her “get a feel for how medical school and nursing school will be in my future.” She said, “It’s super helpful to have prior knowledge.”

Madison Pollock | Intern, Arkie Apparel
Madison Pollock, intern at Arkie Apparel in Rogers, explained that her learning “how to run a start-up business, handle the books for a business and get your product out there” are beneficial skills that will help her prepare for jobs within career fields she is interested in pursuing following graduation.

Mathias Sanchez | Torchy’s Tacos
Mathias Sanchez described several beneficial skills that his work experience at Torchy’s Tacos has taught him including “how to handle situations with people, verbal skills, manners, and how to work hard and do more than what is expected of me.”

Jayden Fulcher | Intern, Central States Manufacturing
Jayden Fulcher is currently an intern at Central States Manufacturing in Lowell. When asked what beneficial skills and/or information he has learned, he said, “I have learned how to use Auto CAD and it will prepare me for a career in engineering.”

Andrea Mejia Duran | Dental Intern, Mint Dental
Andrea Mejia Duran, described the beneficial job and professional skills that her work experience as a dental intern at Mint Dental has provided, including “how to communicate with patients and learning about different types of dental procedures and protocol.”

Students Cite Importance of Learning Essential Skills
In addition, many other students noted that their work-based learning experiences have helped them learn the importance of essential skills related to communications, leadership, customer service, safety procedures, time management, computer skills, organizational skills, critical thinking, problem solving and the importance of having a good work ethic.

Industry Certification and Training Opportunities
Students enrolled in the college and career readiness and work-based learning courses also have opportunities to participate in industry certification and training courses, which include ACT Work Keys, National Career Readiness Certification, Electrical Systems, FANUC Robotics Training, Veterinary Assistant and several medical-related certification courses through Petra Allied Health/Medical College. These industry certification and training courses help them prepare for successful careers.

How Your Business Can Help
Contact Dawn Stewart, Director of Career and Technical Education, at (479) 636-3910 to learn more about opportunities to provide work-based learning experiences for students during the 2020-2021 school year.


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