V's Barbershop Offers Old-Fashioned Care and Customer Service for a Great Haircut

Posted by: V's Barbershop on Wednesday, September 30, 2020

V’s Barbershop is the place to be if you would like to spend your day in an old-fashioned barbershop groomed to the nines that, before the birth of V’s, has been lost in memory. Here at V’s, we value the customer and his experience above all else.

When Mr. V himself decided to open up a chain of barbershops around the country, he had one thing in mind: a unique experience. And that is exactly what we provide. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have felt the excitement of walking into an old timey barbershop as a kid with your grandfather. If you are familiar with such an instance, we are sure you remember it like it was yesterday. You walk past the red, white, and blue barber pole that you could see spinning from the street. As your grandfather opens the door to the shop, the strong smell of oak-scented aftershave invades your nostrils. A nice greeting from the old gentleman at the shoeshine station lets you know that you are more than welcome here. Already ecstatic to be here, you feel even more appreciated as everyone excitedly recognizes your grandfather. A number of whoops and hollers echo throughout the establishment as the head barber approaches the both of you with a smile.

“How’s it goin’, Pop?” the barber asks Grandpa

“Can’t complain. Just thought I’d stop by and show the little tike what it’s like to get a good, old-fashioned haircut,” Grandpa says, as he pats your shoulder.

You never forget that first experience with the barbershop. Better yet, as you grow older and continue frequenting your local shop, you reap the benefits that come with a man’s age. On top of the haircut they so perfectly give you every time, you now have the chance to experience a world-class straight razor shave and a deluxe facial. You never forget the sharp blade sculpting your facial hair into its best self. You never forget the soft touch of the rotating hot and cold towels upon your face, making you feel as if you were being treated royally. And most of all, you never forget the great conversation gained and the care with which the barber treated you.

What great memories those are that are so close to us we can hear everything, smell everything, and clearly picture the first time we walked into that shop. It’s a shame we cannot experience that anymore. Or can we?

Fortunately, the memories you had as a child can be brought back to life with one simple decision: choosing V’s Barbershop. Here at V’s, we know how much you value that grade-A experience, and we are here to bring back to life those memories you thought had no recollecting. And if you were not lucky enough to have a similar experience as a kid, come on in and see what you missed out on. We are here to provide. We are here to satisfy. And we can guarantee you’ll enjoy your visit.

For more information about V's Barbershop, stop by 4307 S. Pleasant Crossing Blvd. in Rogers or contact them at (479) 202-8833 or



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