Rogers Public Schools Career & Technical Education Announces "Launch. Your Future"

Posted by: Justin Freeman on Friday, September 4, 2020

The Rogers Public Schools (RPS) Career & Technical Education (CTE) program has announced its new name and logo design – “Launch. Your Future”. The framework of CTE and its programs, courses and work-based learning opportunities will remain the same and continue to be available to all secondary students.

The “Launch. Your Future” program name and tagline provide a visual representation of the CTE programs offered to 6th-12th grade students in the Rogers Public Schools, including over thirty CTE programs of studies and more than 100 different courses offered to 9th-12th grade students on the high school campuses, RPS Career Center and through the Secondary Career Center. A team from Matchstick Studio in Fayetteville guided the district committee through the process. Austin Phillips, Co-Founder and Creative Director, captured the collective ideas of the committee and created the designs for the new program name and logo.

Behind the Concept Development
Kate Andersen, Content Director at Matchstick Studio, explained that the concept rationale highlights the literary and expressive connotations embedded within the program name and logo design. She said, “we landed on the name ‘Launch’to define the CTE program at RPS because it’s a powerful word loaded with positive connotations. It effectively names a program that’s multi-faceted, exciting, and offers unlimited opportunities for students to set their future in motion. Having said that, we wanted to create a logo that immediately and clearly communicated the name and all that it represents. The most obvious choice was to incorporate a rocket. It’s a symbol that has an immediate connection to the name.

Because of this, it helps solidify the meaning and commit the name to memory. At first glance, we’ve designed an icon that looks like a highly stylized rocket. It perfectly punctuates the bold, red name. With further inspection, the blue portion of the rocket resembles an abstract book that’s turned on its side. The spine of the book is pointing up, indicating the growth and trajectory that comes through education. The marketing materials incorporate the same bold colors combined with a series of icons and student photographs to further illustrate the types of careers that are part of the ‘Launch. Your Future’ program at RPS.”

Preparing Students for College and Careers
RPS’s Dawn Stewart said, “we look forward to introducing ‘Launch. Your Future’ to students, educators, parents, local businesses and other stakeholders within the region. The continued collaboration and partnerships with these stakeholders will help ensure that the career programs offered in RPS prepare students for a successful transition and ‘launch’ to college and/or a career following high school graduation.

The CTE department invites representatives from local businesses, non-profit agencies, post-secondary institutions, technical training centers and other stakeholders to participate in program area advisory committees during the 2020-2021 school year. The purpose of the advisory committees is to provide CTE teachers and stakeholders an avenue to identify connections among the programs offered and the essential skills that students will need for jobs with local companies, review workforce needs and explore career related activities that will help introduce students to local companies and the career opportunities that are available with each company. If you are interested in serving on a CTE advisory committee, contact Dawn Stewart at (479) 636-3910.


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