American Travel Study | 3.8 Million Trips to Rogers in 2019

Posted by: Justin Freeman on Friday, July 10, 2020

New research details just how significant regional tourism is to the Rogers economy. According to Visit Rogers, the city destination marketing organization (DMO) and division of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, Rogers hosted 3.8 million person trips in 2019, resulting in direct tourism spending of $242 million. Visitation and spending totals both increased since the previous study year of 2016, as did per person and per party expenditures and length of stay.

Daytrip Tourism Surges
What may be surprising is the type of visitor most frequently visiting Rogers. The daytrip tourism market brings the most bang for the buck, with spending by daytrippers surging 21 percent during the period to $91 million in 2019. Total spend by overnight visitors also grew from 2016 by two percent to $151 million.

Tourism Helping to Grow Business and Build Community
Tourism is much more than the heads in beds industry of the past, says Visit Rogers Executive Director J. R. Shaw.

“Tourism is now a much broader shared community value, bringing opportunity to our businesses and neighbors and increasing the quality of life for all residents. Visitation to Rogers by both overnight and day trip visitors helps build our community. Local and regional travel are even more important in this age of COVID-19, as the domestic leisure drive market is predicted to recover faster than long haul and fly markets.”

Rogers Travel Market | Overview
Total size of the Rogers 2019 domestic travel market increased 6% to 3.8 million person trips from 2016’s 3.5 million level. Overnight trips grew 2% from 1.5 to 1.6 million visitors and represent 42% of the Rogers travel market, while daytrips grew 9% from 2 to 2.2 million visitors, representing 58% of the market.

“Our customers are our neighbors”, Shaw says. “When visitors buy gas, shop for groceries, stay in hotels, dine at our restaurants and enjoy our outdoors, our neighbors benefit and the City of Rogers benefits.”

About the Study
The study was prepared by Ohio-based Longwoods International, a leader in tourism market research since 1978. The proprietary Longwoods Travel USA program is currently the largest ongoing study conducted of American travelers. The Rogers report provides an overview of the city’s domestic tourism business in the combined 2016 to 2019 period.

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