Reopening Educational & Marketing Opportunities - $100 Marketing Kit Available June Through August

Posted by: Justin Freeman on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

An important activity of our Chamber’s mission is convening the community to collaborate, plan and imagine together. We’re always looking for ways to bring the right people together at the right time.

One way we do it is our Chamber-to-Community (C2C) events. C2C’s are designed to provide opportunities for Chamber members and our community to come together for education and discussion on important topics impacting the community. In late April, to focus our time and resources most effectively, we surveyed our Members and asked them for ways that we could continue assisting them during the COVID-19 Recovery Period. One survey question asked for member feedback on topics that they wanted to learn more about for potential webinars.

We listened and put together the C2C Back to Business NWA Series focusing on topics dedicated to helping members get back to reopen and get back to business. Below are links to webinars that have been recorded. Check out the Events Calendar to stay on top of upcoming C2C series webinars (more are continuously being added):

Creating Our Vision in 3(D)!
Affordable Marketing Solutions with the Chamber
Leveraging Freelancing for Small Business Growth
Pandemic EEO Issues, Tips and Strategies
Legal Considerations for Reopening a Business
Update on PPP and Other Resources for Small Businesses
LinkedIn for Thought Leadership: Grow Your Network and Own Your Industry
•Tips and Tricks for Resumes, Job Search and Interviewing

$100 Back to Business NWA Marketing Kit | Available June through August
The Chamber’s We Mean Business campaign showcases Members’ stories about getting back to business in our social media. As part of this awareness-building campaign, we are offering (June through August) special savings for members on a special package of advertising and promotion tools.

Base Package – Save $300
Starting June 1, take advantage of our affordable ($100) advertising and promotion package available for a limited time (through August 31) to Chamber members – regularly valued at $400, it’s a savings of $300. This Kit helps your business increase awareness during the reopening period by marketing to the Chamber’s 20,000+ social media audience. You’ll reach more people, faster.

The Marketing Kit’s base package increases your reach with one Chamber Voice of Business Blog post promoting your business and its reopening story (value of $200) and includes the ability to customize your messaging with an embedded video (must be under one minute run-time and provided by you – see guidelines).

The base package also includes one premium social media marketing package - four weeks of social media promotion on the Chamber’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (value of $200).

Customize Your Marketing Kit: Add On to the Base Package to Save up to 35%
Members who purchase the base package for $100 also are eligible to choose up to three add-ons below and earn discounts on the total Marketing Kit price depending upon how many add-ons:

1 Add-On – Save 10% | 2 Add-Ons – Save 25% | 3 Add-Ons – Save 35%

Add-On #1 |
One Month of eNews Banner Ads (Monday Memo and Calendar at a Glance on Thursday) – Regular Price: $200
Add-On #2 |
One Month of Chamber Voice of Business Newsletter (digital) Display Advertising – Regular Prices: 2-Page Spread $500; Full Page $300; and Half Page $150
Add-On #3 |
One Month of Premium Social Media Marketing Package – Regular Price: $200

Example Marketing Kit Package:
Member purchases $100 base package and adds-on one month of eNews banner ads and a half page Chamber Voice newsletter display ad.

The total price is calculated: $100 (Base Package) + $200 (eNews) + $150 (newsletter display ad) = $450

The total discount is calculated for a net due:$450 X 25% (earned discount for 2 Add-Ons) = $337.50

The total savings is calculated: Member saves $300 on the base package at the $100 price, $50 on the eNews banner ad, $37.50 on the newsletter display ad, and an additional $25 on the base package for a total savings of $412.50 for this customized Marketing Kit.

Download the Order Form or call us to order your Marketing Kit now at (479) 636-1240.

Added Bonus - Free Access for Six Months to the Google Online Marketing Academy
Each member who purchases the Back to Business NWA Marketing Kit will receive free access for six months (expires December 31, 2020) to the Google Online Marketing Academy, courtesy of Visit Rogers, a division of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce (value of $120 based upon a full-year license cost of $240). 

The Academy helps improve digital marketing efforts by providing online instruction, best practices, tips, and more for maximizing online presence in Google's products. Consumers are making hundreds of billions of searches within Google products each hour. Learn how to get verified and manage your presence with Google My Business. Ensure that your information is correct because complete business listings are 50 percent more likely to get a visit in-person after being seen online.


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