Creative Economy Impacts Downtown Rogers Growth

Posted by: Karen Wagaman on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

“Much of Northwest Arkansas’ robust growth is attributed to career opportunities offered by Walmart, Tyson Foods, Inc., J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc. and the vendor community," said Karen Wagaman, Vice President of Downtown Development for the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce. The result has been rapid expansion throughout the entire region. Urban annexation of farmland has provided room for cities to grow, and as the population grew, so did the demand for quality of life amenities including great food, live music, art, and interactive indoor and outdoor experiences. “As our cities continue to grow in population and square miles, many are recognizing the key to a healthy economy and community also requires a healthy and vibrant downtown,” Wagaman added.

The nationwide trend to reinvest in downtowns is very much alive in the region. With assistance from grants from The Walton Family Foundation and others, sister cities across Northwest Arkansas have also implemented plans to revitalize, re-grow, and reinvent downtowns. Economic trends have again made downtowns attractive resulting in a rebirth of the urban core, especially in downtown Rogers.

A significant investment in parks, streetscaping and infrastructure is underway in downtown Rogers, but the business growth continues to be driven by entrepreneurs and small business owners who are finding downtown Rogers an ideal community to work and do business. This organic growth has attracted creative businesses and an impressive maker community has erupted along and near the brick streets. The Chamber of Commerce is challenged to keep up with the number of businesses within this maker community. It is a good problem to have according to Wagaman.

A recent study by Artspace, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit arts developer, shows Rogers saw an impressive 193 percent growth in creative/art assets. Downtown Rogers tripled the number from 13 in 2014 to 39 2018. Less than two years since the report, that number has grown by 285 percent to 111 creative/art assets in downtown.  “A growing creative sector that's acknowledged by the business community and leaders is a factor in Rogers' growth in artistic businesses,” said Wendy Holmes, Senior Vice President of Consulting and Strategic Partnerships for Artspace.  

Every week, the Chamber and its destination marketing organization, Visit Rogers, are working with the City of Rogers and other partners to attract businesses and residents that help create a community where people want to invest, work, live and play. Astute business owners are offering their customers recreation and arts and leisure experiences, contributing to their bottom line and to a vibrant downtown.

Art plays a key role in transforming day-to-day downtown Rogers experiences into something vibrant, adventurous and new. Businesses that offer creative inspiration help communities grow culturally, socially, and economically. The Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce believes the arts improve the image and identity of our downtown and, by supporting an art ecosystem, artists and other creatives feel validated as important contributors to the community.

Creative Economy Map (Click Image to Expand)

The organizations listed include: galleries and studios, arts organizations and creative businesses, arts education, participants in Art on the Bricks Art Walk, fairs and festivals and other creative spaces.

1. Java Dudes Coffee
718 N 2nd Street

2. OPP Prototype
718 N 2nd Street

3. Ozark Axe House
718 N 2nd Street

4. Hawk Moth Brewery
710 N 2nd Street

5. Ozark Chop Shop
702 N 2nd Street

6. Suzy Q Malt Shop
612 N 2nd Street

7. Rogue Trails
525 N 2nd Street

8. Timberwolf Sawmill
219 E Locust Street

Ozark Collaborative
219 E Locust Street

9. Merle Norman
323 N 2nd Street

10. Art & Soul Studio
317 N 2nd Street

11. Mockingbird Moon
315 N 2nd Street

12. Crossroads Learning Center
305 N 2nd Street

13. Studio 300
300 N 2nd Street

14. Fire Station One Museum
201 N 1st Street

15. Havana Grill
203 N 2nd Street

16. The Frame Shoppe
215 N 3rd Street

17. Downtown Rogers, Inc
301 W Chestnut Street

18. 3rd Street Ballroom
112 N 3rd Street

19. SLC Photography
115 W Chestnut Street

20. Thee Shop
111 W Chestnut Street

21. Ozark Beer Company
109 N Arkansas Street

22. Dance with Me Studio by Aura
210 E Chestnut Street

23. Tango Delta Crossfit
216 E Chestnut Street

24. The City Pump
623 W Walnut Street

25. Speakeasy Tattoo & Swing Lounge
425 W Walnut Street

26. Showcase Trophy
420 W Walnut Street

27. Curvy Chick’s Plus Size Women’s Boutique
314 W Walnut Street

28. Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce
317 W Walnut Street

Visit Rogers
317 W Walnut Street

29. The Honeycomb Kitchen Shop
213 W Walnut Street

30. Fresh Harvest
211 W Walnut Street 

31. Christian Science Reading Room
226 W Walnut Street

32. Broadaway Printing
218 W Walnut Street

33. Gateway Mortgage Company
214 W Walnut Street

34. Brick Street Brews
208 W Walnut Street

35. Golden's Designer Jewelry
206 W Walnut Street

36. The Daisy Airgun Museum
202 W Walnut Street

Envision Nutrition
204 W Walnut Street

37. The Copper Crown
111 N 2nd Street

38. Rogers Experimental House
121 W Walnut Street

Flippy Doodle
121 W Walnut Street

JK Photography Studio
121 W Walnut Street

Masterful Hands Art School
121 W Walnut Street

Paint Your Power
121 W Walnut Street

The Makery NWA
121 W Walnut Street

FIA Worldwide Entertainment
121 W Walnut Street

39. Moonbroch Brewing Co.
117 W Walnut Street

40. White's Jewelry & Coin
115 W Walnut Street

41. Hammontree's Grilled Cheese
113 W Walnut Street

42. Spark Yoga
111 1/2 W Walnut Street

43. Urban Bath and Body
111 W Walnut Street

44. Dandy Roll
107 W Walnut Street

The Rusty Chair
107 W Walnut Street

45. LBC Studio
105 W Walnut Street

46. American Estates
103 W Walnut Street

47. Onyx Coffee Lab
101 E Walnut Street

101 E Walnut Street

Onyx Coffee Lab
101 E Walnut Street

Dry Storage
101 E Walnut Street

Heirloom at the 1907
101 E Walnut Street

The Foreman
101 E Walnut Street

101 E Walnut Street

48. Avenue Design Company
124 W Walnut Street

Urban Forge
124 W Walnut Street

49. Brick and Mortar
120 W Walnut Street

50. Walter's Boot & Shoe Repair
118 W Walnut Street

51. Mollie Love
116 W Walnut Street

52. JKJ Architects
116  W Walnut Street

53. The Dotted Pig
114 W Walnut Street

54. B. Styled
110 W Walnut Street

55. Novo Studio
108 W Walnut Street

56. Bank of Rogers
114. S 1st Street

57. The Gathering in Rogers
116 S 1st Street

58. Crossroads Tavern
124 S 1st Street

59. Frisco Park Revamp
200 S 1st Street

60. Alexander Baking Company
210 S 1st Street

61. Threads 3 Fourteen
216 S 1st Street

62. Selah Design Studio
226 S 1st Street

63. The Art Collective Gallery
228 S 1st Street

64. Resource Design
316 S 1st Street

65. PlayTri Rogers
318 S 1st Street

66. Doc 4 Design
216 E Poplar Street

67. Phat Tire Bike Shop
321 S Arkansas Street

68. The Railyard Bike Park
299 E Cherry Street 

69. Anime Café
111 S 2nd Street

70. Comida Artesenal Tapas Bar
113 S 2nd Street

71. Ed Cooley White River Gallery
115 S 2nd Street

72. Frisco Tattoo
121 S 2nd Street

73. Arkansas Public Theatre
116 S 2nd Street

74. Kirby's Kupcakes
128 S 2nd Street

75. Studio Chunky
205 S 2nd Street

76. Bod High Productions
206 S 2nd Street, Suite D

77. Brya Architecture
214 S 2nd Street

78. Levi's Gastrolounge & Low Bar
222 S 2nd Street

80. Las Palmas
260 W Poplar Street

81. Haas Hall
121 W Poplar Street

82. Rogers Historical Museum
322 S 2nd Street

83. Hapa's Hawaiian Bar & Grill
105 S 3rd Street

84. Tippi Toes Dance Studio
214 S 3rd Street

85. Freedom Dreamer Photography
211 W. Elm Street

86. Norroc Lash Artistry & Esthetics
209 W Elm Street

87. The Yoga Loft
123 W Elm Street

88. Woof & Wander
107 W Elm Street

89. AMZ Agents
105 W Elm Street

CK Talent Management
105 W Elm Street

Corrie Childers Wedding Photography
105 W Elm Street

Jave Photography
105 W Elm Street, Ste 207

90. Arkansas Arts Academy
506 W Poplar Street

91. Heart of Rogers Craft Fair
121 W Poplar Street

91. Downtown Rogers Farmers Market
120 W Poplar Street

Annual Frisco Festival
120 W Poplar Street




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