NWA Council Announces Partnership for Initiative to Educate Local Businesses on 2020 Census

Posted by: Justin Freeman on Friday, December 20, 2019

The Northwest Arkansas Council has announced an initiative to prioritize support for the 2020 census in partnership with John R. Tyson and Arkansas Counts. The goal is to educate and catalyze the local business community in reaching the region's hard-to-count populations.

The initiative includes an NWA census toolkit of best practices and sample marketing messages to employees and customers. Tyson, along with Kara Wilkins of Arkansas Counts, asked businesses to make a commitment to support the census to ensure an accurate count.

“With 141,000 team members around the world and 25,000 in the state of Arkansas, we aspire to be leaders in the business community and the communities where we work and live,” Tyson said. “That responsibility includes advocating for census participation and helping everyone understand the importance of being counted.”

Arkansas receives nearly $10 billion annually in federal funding under various programs, according to a recent report from the GW Institute of Public Policy. The Arkansas State Data Center estimates a 1% undercount in Northwest Arkansas could result in $170 million in lost funds over 10 years for Benton and Washington counties.

NWA has a high number of difficult-to-count populations. To help achieve an accurate count, employers and managers can implement the following actions:

  • Display multilingual flyers and integrate social media messages into your digital marketing
  • Include messages promoting the census on customer receipts and in utility bills, credit card bills, statements, and emails to customers
  • Promote employee census completion through inserts in pay stubs and general company communications
  • Provide dedicated time to allow employees to complete their questionnaires and provide computer equipment in a private common area to respond confidentially
  • Partner with trusted voices in your community to reach some hard-to-count employees

View the toolkit here:


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