Rogers New Tech High School Seeking Businesses Offering Internships for 2019-20 School Year

Posted by: JustinFreeman on Monday, April 1, 2019

Rogers New Technology High School is looking for businesses that would be interested in providing an internship for students during the 2019-20 school year. Businesses can fill out a Google form that will help them ascertain the available internships for students to choose from.

The Internship course is offered to students in grades 11-12 who are in good academic standing and have completed at least two units in a chosen career focus area. The internship course is designed to assist students in their specific career focus areas and to help them successfully transition from school to career. Students who expect to begin their careers immediately upon high school graduation, as well as those who need to complete post-secondary training prior to starting a career can benefit from the course. 

The structure includes a strong business partnership that links the course and its participants to current resources, information, and guidance from industry professionals. It provides intense, competency-based classroom and work-site instruction specifically tailored to meet the needs of individual students. Each classroom and worksite competency an intern successfully completes is documented and placed in a portfolio. The intern receives the portfolio upon completion of the internship course. It also fosters articulation of programs between high schools and postsecondary education, credit-granting institutions, and apprenticeship programs. A post-graduation monitoring system is incorporated that identifies and addresses graduates’ ongoing needs as they advance toward their identified career goals.

The RNTHS Internship course is designed to be as flexible as possible for the employer. Not only does the internship program allow for on-site interns at the business location, it can accommodate for in-school internships. In-school internship interactions occur through supervisor school visits, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, email, etc. 

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