RLACC 2019 Business Plan: Member Services Division

Posted by: JustinFreeman on Monday, March 4, 2019

As seen in the March edition of the Chamber Voice, the 2019 Business Plan was created to introduce you to the Strategic Plan’s Critical Success Factors and supporting Program of Work. Our mission is “to be the voice of business, to promote and initiate responsible economic growth, and to address community challenges in the Rogers-Lowell Area and region.” We’re celebrating our 97th year as the premier advocacy organization for business and we take our leadership role of being the Keeper of the Community Vision and Voice of Business seriously.

To accomplish our mission, we’re growing business and building community through mission-based strategic focus areas and increased collaboration with our members, partners and investors. Strategic areas of focus include economic development, downtown development, workforce recruitment and retention, government affairs, small business outreach, destination marketing, community education and leadership programs, and long-range community planning to improve quality of life. Below is the Business Plan for the Member Services Division.

Member Services

The Member Services Division provides over-the-top customer service for the membership of the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce by providing valuable services and programming which delivers a return on their investment. Member Services impacts the Chamber’s members by offering business building events and educational opportunities that support local businesses.

Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Invigorate Membership Team
  • Provide Financial Stability to the organization
  • Enhance Value Proposition to Customers/Members/Partners/Investors

Division Goals:

  • Increase Annual Member Value

SMARTY Objective:
1. Increase investment in Membership Services programs to provide financial stability for organization

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Craft new messaging to showcase 'investment' versus 'dues'
-Identify member segments and develop unique value propositions for each member segments
-Meet with key members to determine desired outcomes / reasons for membership
-Develop individual contribution plans for key members
-Develop new engagement strategies to increase revenue and decrease AR

  • Provide Five-Star Customer Service to Both Internal and External Customers

SMARTY Objective:
1. Deliver over-the-top customer service to provide higher member retention and increased investment.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Provide professional development/cross-training on product knowledge/processes and procedures to better serve internal customers
-Equip Member Services and Customer Service staff as experts in delivering Chamber value
-Develop baseline customer service tracking survey for external customers

  • Provide Value-Added Member Benefits

SMARTY Objective:
1. Deliver relevant and necessary products and services to establish RLACC as a leading community organization so that all will want to participate and invest.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Research and offer relevant, unique and informative programming
-Evaluate outcomes by implementing event surveys to gauge satisfaction with programming
-Continue to refine comprehensive member retention plan

  • Develop Plan to Become a Data-Driven Sales Team

SMARTY Objective:
1. Utilize Accrisoft’s new capabilities to set benchmarks and utilize data to track results.


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