RLACC 2019 Business Plan: Marketing Communications Division

Posted by: JustinFreeman on Monday, March 4, 2019

As seen in the March edition of the Chamber Voice, the 2019 Business Plan was created to introduce you to the Strategic Plan’s Critical Success Factors and supporting Program of Work. Our mission is “to be the voice of business, to promote and initiate responsible economic growth, and to address community challenges in the Rogers-Lowell Area and region.” We’re celebrating our 97th year as the premier advocacy organization for business and we take our leadership role of being the Keeper of the Community Vision and Voice of Business seriously.

To accomplish our mission, we’re growing business and building community through mission-based strategic focus areas and increased collaboration with our members, partners and investors. Strategic areas of focus include economic development, downtown development, workforce recruitment and retention, government affairs, small business outreach, destination marketing, community education and leadership programs, and long-range community planning to improve quality of life. Below is the Business Plan for the Marketing Communications Division.

Marketing Communications

The Marketing Communications Division impacts the Rogers-Lowell Area, Chamber members and the business community by delivering easily accessible and up-to-date information about local businesses and the community and by sharing information about the Chamber’s activities and business advocacy.

Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Create and Maintain a Cohesive and Connected Community; Be the Trusted Source; Align Leadership on Common Goals
  • Financial Sustainability; Enhance Value Proposition to Customers/Members/Partners/Investors
  • Communicate Voice of Business; Turn Customers to Members, Members to Investors; Activate Program/Event Attendance

Division Goals:

  • Unify Communications and Messaging into “One Voice” for Rogers Leadership Alliance partners

SMARTY Objective:
1. Position Chamber’s Role as a Catalyst for “One Voice” communications by achieving 12+ unified media placements (track/baseline AVE $’s in 2019).

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Align Marketing Communications stakeholders and delivery of key messages via new, quarterly MarCom Council meetings in 2019
-Collaboratively develop pre-announcement (Pre-Active) Briefing Books with Strategic Q&As/Talking Points as needed for major announcements
-Create a working Audience/Content Matrix of specific segments/target audiences/content needs to deliver of the right message to the right people
-Identify Mission-related Messaging and study the “Four Types of Members” to develop relevant and compelling news content
-Develop a long-term Public Relations Strategy to educate and influence public opinion with concise and clear communications
-Create a “One Voice” Public Relations Calendar for planning, disseminating and tracking news content

  • Monetize Chamber’s Digital Assets Suite to Generate Incremental Revenue

SMARTY Objectives:
1. Sell affordable Suite of Advertising and Sponsorship Solutions to target audiences (members currently) to achieve revenue goal of $24,000 in 2019.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Partner with CGI Communications to sell $5,000 in Web Banner sales
-Partner with CGI Communications to sell $8,000 in Chamber Video Program sales
-Generate $4,000 in Podcast Sponsorships
-Sell $6,000 in eNews Banners
-Sell $1,000 in Social Media Marketing (SMM) Packages

2. Explore additional advertising and sponsorship revenue-generating solutions and Test Pilot One New Solution in 2019.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Develop a business/revenue model for taking Google My Business to market and beta testing for proof of concept

  • Advertise and Promote (Trade and Cash) Chamber’s Mission, Accomplishments, Strategic Programs, and Major Events

SMARTY Objectives:
1. Negotiate $150,000+ in Trade Media with partners to support Strategic Programs and Major Events in 2019.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Create and Execute Advertising Media Plan on time
-Track Trade Media Impressions generated from Media Plan (TV/print, magazine and digital)

2. Develop, launch and test at least two Digital Media Advertising Campaigns to support Mission and Accomplishments Messaging.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Establish test budget and set-up Google Ads for pilot campaigns
-Establish test budget for Social Media Platform Advertising with LinkedIn and Twitter to complement Facebook Boost Campaigns

  • Grow Social Media and Interactions with Target Audiences (Customers, Members, Partners and Community)

SMARTY Objective:
1. Increase social media audience by 20 percent in 2019 and baseline reach and engagement by social media platform.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Track progress and identify priorities for content and promotions via quarterly meetings of the Social Media Team
-Implement new Content Tactics (video features and infographics)
-Increase Social Media Interactions by monitoring Content Buckets and adapting Content Schedule to deliver more relevant posts

  • Position Chamber as the “Voice of Business” by Informing Target Audiences with Timely and Relevant News and Information.

SMARTY Objectives:
1. Produce print and digital publications on time and on budget as per the 2019 Production Schedule of deliverables.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics)
-Print and distribute 5,000 Annual Reports to highlight accomplishments related to the Chamber’s Mission and Vision.
-Design, produce and print 25,000 The Good Life destination guides
-Design, produce and print 3,750 Chamber Voice newsletters per month.
-Produce two eNews per week - Monday Memo and Calendar at a Glance
-Produce one episode per month of the Voice of Business Podcast
-Publish Voice of Business Blog, Chamber News and Member News articles weekly
-Update CGI Community Video (Spring 2019)

2. Audit each print and digital publication to identify ways to optimize visual design and streamline messaging in 2019.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Send Marketing Communications Survey for feedback on current communications and to direct continuous improvement

3. Promote Voice of Business Mission messaging via press releases and media outreach to support each Division as needed.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Develop Press Releases, Media Advisories, Briefing Books, and Q&As for Chamber programs, events and news

  • Increase Website Traffic and Launch New Website to Evolve Features, Functionality, Navigation and User Experience

SMARTY Objectives:
1. Increase website visitors by 10 percent in 2019.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Utilize Google Ads to promote keywords for search
-Promote Links to website content in publications, social media and online marketing
-Implement Content Management Process by refreshing and updating website content quarterly with content stakeholders
-Expand customer, member and partner Testimonials web content

2. Develop and launch new Accrisoft website mid-2019 and manage the migration of WebLink database to prepare for beta testing in 2019.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Create SOW (Scope of Work) and Project Development Timeline by phases of web development with Accrisoft

  • Deliver In-House Agency Design Expertise and Creative Production Services to Support Success of Each Chamber Division

SMARTY Objective:
1. Deliver Creative Services 100% on time, on budget and on strategy

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Update Brand Book with new programs and events digital assets
-Utilize Job/Relative Production Value Tracking to determine the number of campaign jobs and savings contributed to the Chamber
-Quarterly Audits of Sales Collateral to ensure brand continuity and accuracy

  • Develop a New In-Bound Marketing Program

SMARTY Objective:
1. Develop capabilities to capture leads and integrate into lead nurturing/sales pipeline “lifecycle stages” process and database in 2019.

Actions (Strategies and Tactics):
-Create an Inbound Content Marketing Plan to produce content that conveys expertise and relevancy and provides value for prospects
-Define Types of Leads (prospects) to capture, design Data Capture Forms, and decide Database Structure for tagging and nurturing
-Beta Test Program Components


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