RLACC 2018 Annual Report: Membership Services Division

Posted by: JustinFreeman on Monday, February 11, 2019

As seen in the February edition of the Chamber Voice, the 2018 Annual Report offers a summary of each Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce division’s accomplishments in 2018. An extended version of each division will be profiled on the Voice of Business Blog. The next department summarized is Membership Services (Sales/Engagement/Retention).

  • The Member Engagement Committee helped retain and educate members on benefits and encourage participation in Chamber events and programs.  The Committee has visited a total of 152 member-businesses and provided 40 leads to staff for upselling and increasing member involvement.
  • Great job-seeker attendance at both Job Fairs (Spring:  250 in 2018, 230 in 2017 | Fall: 320 in 2018, 280 in 2017)
  • Embraced the spirit of Chamber 3.0 making tweaks to the Annual Celebration and debuting a new community event, The Good Life Experience.
  • Worked with the Marketing/Communications team to incorporate social media into more events (e.g., Facebook events for all networking events driving higher attendance; social media giveaways at Thank-a-Teacher added 150 new followers).
  • 58 percent increase from 2017 in sponsor participation at the Chamber Picnic.
  • Brought on a net of 17 new ambassadors to the Facebook group.
  • Year-to-date (October), 175 businesses have joined the Chamber (valued at $42,128), compared to 142 members (valued at $31,776) on this date in 2017.
  • Increased the number of businesses who sponsored events in 2018, over 2017.
SVP of Sales Shelle Summers, Account Executive Jacque Eakins, Member Relations Manager Marni Rogers, and Special Events Coordinator Jeff O'Neill lead the Membership Services Department.


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