Building Foundational Knowledge of Computer Science and Coding

Posted by: JustinFreeman on Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Governor Asa Hutchinson launched the Arkansas Computer Science Initiative in 2015 to help insure that K-12th grade students within Arkansas schools receive quality instruction and opportunities to participate in learning experiences designed to increase awareness and the application of computer science and coding principles. Act 187 of the Regular Session of the 90th General Assembly provided legislation and provisions to guide the implementation of computer science programs, courses and learning experiences to align with graduation requirements. Career & Technical Education (CTE) Programs Computer Science and Coding concepts are an integral part of Career & Technical Education programs and courses that are offered to 6-12th grade students in the Rogers Public Schools.  These skills will help prepare students for future careers that will comprised of technology integration, computer science and coding principles and programs. To help ensure that students receive quality instruction and opportunities to engage in authentic learning experiences relating to computer science and coding that aligns with both current and future career opportunities, the following provides an overview of the integration of computer science and coding within CTE courses. Middle School students in 6-8th grade are introduced to computer science and coding in the sixth grade.  Students gain knowledge and increased awareness of the foundations of computer coding, including binary code, computer language, basic coding structures and the relationship among coding structures to produce an expected outcome.  Students engage in coding activities offered through on-line resources, Project Lead The Way courses, “hands-on” activities that involve programming a technology devices and robotics. High School students in 9-12th grade build upon foundational knowledge of the computer science and coding concepts and principles through more complex and industry specific software and equipment including coding programs to design and launch mobile apps, programming languages such as JAVA, HTML and CSS that are commonly utilized by business and industry, specialized coding sequences and programs to design and produce items using CNC and FANUC equipment in the machine tools courses and engineering software and coding programs such as AutoDesk, Inventor and Revit that are used within the Pre-Engineering courses.  Articulation with college courses offer students an opportunity to advance their study of computer science concepts that align with several CTE programs and courses. More information about the AR Computer Science Initiative can be found on the Arkansas Department of Education website The Rogers Public Schools career and technical education department is very interested in working with local representatives to expand career and work-related experiences that highlight ways that computer science and coding is used within local business and industries, as well as key skills that students will need to attain for different types of jobs that are offered by companies. Please contact Dawn Stewart, Director of Career & Technical Education to learn more about the positive impact that business partnerships have on career and technical education programs offered by the district and how local businesses can work collaboratively to provide authentic learning experiences to students


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