Chamber Alliance Program Offers Insurance Benefits to Members

Posted by: rlaccmarcom on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chamber Alliance Program (CAP) Offers Chamber Members Exclusive Access to Small Business Insurance Benefits Package
By Brad Phillips
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce 

The Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce has joined with other state chambers of commerce
to provide its members in good standing access to an exclusive insurance benefits package for small businesses -- the Chamber Alliance Program (CAP).  The program includes health insurance, group term life and AD&D provided by QualChoice, voluntary life and disability by Unum Provident, and dental coverage by Delta Dental. CAP enables Chamber members to enjoy insurance benefits previously too costly for them to purchase on their own.  The insurance benefits package is approved by the Arkansas Department of Insurance and managed by a Board of Directors that includes employer representatives who are members of chambers of commerce statewide.  

CAP | Employer Benefits
CAP is available statewide only through participating chambers of commerce and allows coverage for all employees.  In addition to being able to provide employees with a more affordable insurance benefits package, employers also protect themselves by minimizing future rate increases.  Based upon the company's size (number of employees), employers get choices on coverage plans offered.  Employers with two to nine employees get a choice of two plans; 10-49 employees a choice of three plans; and 50-199 employees a choice of four plans.  In addition to health, group term life and AD&D insurance, other product offerings include voluntary life, long term care, group dental, short term/long term disability and lump sum cancer.

CAP | Employee Benefits
Through CAP, employees have access to better health plan options (statewide provider network) and potential premium savings, a better network of hospitals and physicians, and better customer service.  The program provides employees a choice of benefits plan designs depending upon the number of employees that are employed by their employer.  Preventive healthcare, dental and vision as well as well-child care are covered in full.  A prescription drug program and maternity coverage are also provided and Health Savings Accounts are available.

Learn More & Get A Quote
CAP offers employers exclusive packages at significant savings through Chamber members who are local insurance agents and have gone through extensive training qualifying them to offer CAP plans.  Learn more and get a quote by either visiting (business directory of local member CAP insurance agents) or  CAP includes a health plan by QualChoice, which serves all of the hospitals in Northwest Arkansas including Mercy Health Northwest Arkansas and Northwest Health System.


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