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Posted by: rlaccmarcom on Monday, August 23, 2010
Even though the Business Conference & Expo is behind us, it's interesting to go back and look at the day's events and speakers through the words of others. Below is the Twitter feed of the attendees using the hashtag #2010nwabiz throughout the day. The user's Twitter handle is highlighted in orange. A lot of great information was learned and shared. You might want to start at the bottom and scroll your way up so you can read about what's happening in chronological order. Happy reading.

RLACC View pictures from the 2010 NWA Business Conference & Expo here: #2010nwabiz

markcloud My first NWA Business Conference and I was impressed. All the speakers were informative and engaging and it was well presented #2010NWABiz

thebelfordgroup From a lead generation perspective, this was the best NWA Business Conference. Thanks @RLACC #2010nwabiz

RLACC @ARWTC thank you for being a great partner for the #2010nwabiz!

ARWTC @RLACC Thanks for the RT and great job today! #2010NWABiz Reply

LawsonHembree Thanks to everyone who came out to the #2010NWABiz Conference today (esp those that stopped by the @ARWTC booth!

aprilpantall Check out @uopx booth and say hello!RT @RLACC: Business Expo is open until 6:30. Free & open to the public. JQ Hammons Center #2010nwabiz Reply

markcloud I thought Bill Ransic had some great pts: be flexible, creative mktg via community service and the mentality of an entrepreneur..#2010nwabiz

jennhaile The Amaretto chocolate chip cookies at the Candy Bouquet booth are to die for. nom, nom, nom... #2010nwabiz

ARWTC Thanks to Wendy Soderquist-Togami and the @SoderquistCentr for participating in #2010NWABiz!

RLACC Footage shot today at the #2010nwabiz for the "Guiliana & Bill" show on Style Network will air in October. We'll let you know when to watch

jennhaile Bill Rancic and his reality tv show crew. #2010nwabiz #fb

RLACC Congrats to Hight-Jackson & Associates for being named the Small Business of the Year today! #2010nwabiz

ARWTC You join a company for what it stands for; you leave because of your supervisor. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC Wendy Soderquist-Togami of the @SoderquistCentr speaking in one of the breakout sessions at #2010NWABiz:

ARWTC Clarity at the organizational level promotes sustained execution at the individual level. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC The best leaders are clear communicators. #2010NWABiz

RLACC Bill Rancic and his reality tv show crew. #2010nwabiz

ARWTC Building a company based on values is a serious deal. #2010NWABiz Reply

ARWTC Company culture always happens; employee engagement and performance isn't as
guarenteed. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC Now attending the session led by Wendy Soderquist-Togami of the @SoderquistCentr on corporate culture. #2010NWABiz

Martine1 Officially met Bill Rancic. What a motivational, great guy #2010nwabiz

Martine1 Head out to the Expo. It opened at noon! And join us later for Business After Hours #2010nwabiz

thebelfordgroup Small businesses can use community service as an excellent marketing tool. #2010nwabiz

Martine1 How can you market your business in a down economy? Be involved in your community #2010nwabiz

thebelfordgroup Outstanding speakers at NWA Business Conference. Mike Thompson & Bill Rancic @Thompsonoc #2010nwabiz

Martine1 Where do you find your constant motivation? Enjoy and be passionate about what you're doing #2010nwabiz

LawsonHembree "Entrepreneurs must be proactive, not reactive." -Bill Rancic #2010NWABiz

Martine1 A good manager is like an Orchestra Conductor Conductor's not an expert but has the ability to harmonize the individual players #2010nwabiz

Martine1 Practical execution, agility and risk leads to success #2010nwabiz

ARWTC Entrepreneurs know that talk is cheap and that results are what is important. -Bill Rancic #2010NWABiz

Martine1 Rancic was actually an alternate on the first season of The Apprentice that he went on to win #2010nwabiz

thebelfordgroup Be ready to adjust when the rules of business change. #2010nwabiz

Martine1 "Dateless and Lonely during the Holidays" aired on Thanksgiving Day lead to success of his Cigar of the month club business #2010nwabiz

thebelfordgroup Take a good idea and make it better. #2010nwabiz

Martine1 Rancic- Recognizing an opportunity and seizing it!#2010nwabiz

ARWTC For entreprenuers, it's all about making the most of the time you are given. -Bill Rancic #2010NWABiz

angelabelford Make your time count as entrepreneur. Bill Rancic #2010nwabiz

aprilpantall There as well at @uopx booth! RT @danasargent: At the NWA Biz Conference & Expo.

Martine1 Rancic's business start was at his grandmas house serving pancakes #2010nwabiz

ARWTC The key to entrepreneurship is finding an oportunity & seizing it. #2010NWABiz

thebelfordgroup Entrepreneurial trait: recognize an opportunity, then seize it.#2010nwabiz

Martine1 Bill Rancic keynote speaker @RLACC Bus Conf #2010nwabiz

ARWTC Bill Rancic, winner of the first season of The Apprentice, speaking at the #2010NWABiz:

danasargent At the NWA Biz Conference & Expo. #2010nwabiz

thebelfordgroup Lunch with Bill Rancic #2010nwabiz.

ARWTC Thank you Nicole Bivens Collinson of @STRTrade for speaking at #2010NWABiz on behalf of the @ARWTC!

journaljeff It's not too late to make the NW Ark. Business Conf. & Expo today at the Hammons Center in Rogers. But you better hurry. #2010NWABIZ!

journaljeff Bill Rancic says he’s cautious on real estate, but not out of the market. Recently got some distressed property to develop. #2010NWABiz!

jennhaile Just wrapped up interviews w @billrancic. Getting ready for his keynote address now. #2010nwabiz

ARWTC Take advantage of trade associations, Free Trade Agreements, & organizations like the @ARWTC when getting into global trade. #2010NWABiz

markcloud Listening to Larry Yancey discuss VC concepts... This guy is good! #2010NWABiz

MurDog Champion Leaders are Enlightened, Connected, Change Makers, Opportunity Minded by Mike Thompson. #2010nwabiz (via @thebelfordgroup)

MurDog Listening to Mike Thompson, formally of Thompson Murray, open the conference.... I loved Monster Inc. too.. #2010NWABiz (via @markcloud)

angelabelford I love the natural ability of some people to quickly determine that you aren't a good prospect for them.#2010nwabiz

angelabelford RT @RLACC: Bill Rancic is in the building. Media interviews are underway. #2010nwabiz

ARWTC You are never too small to get involved in global trade. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC Arkansas has 1484 exporters (1148 are small and medium sized enterprises). #2010NWABiz

ARWTC Firms that export have 119% more employment. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC The way we buy tells companies what we want. If you buy imported goods, it signals a desire for imports. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC Arkansas exported $355 mil in maufactured goods in May 2010. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC 95% of the world's consumers are outside the US. #2010NWABiz

ARWTC Nicole Bivens Collinson, sponsored by the @ARWTC, speaking at #2010NWABiz on the importance of trade:

RLACC Don't forget the Expo opens at noon at the JQ Hammons Center. Free & open to the public. Bus. After Hours is from 5-6:30. #2010nwabiz

ARWTC Nicole Bivens Collinson will be speaking at 11. The title of her talk is "Trade is Not a Four Letter Word." #2010NWABiz

ARWTC The @ARWTC booth at #2010NWABiz. Stop by for a chance to win a door prize.

markcloud who's with me? #2010nwabiz

jennhaile Bill Rancic is in the building #2010nwabiz 1

markcloud I doubt I will be part of the 4% but I will take the organizational champion test.... I'm even willing to post the results...#2010nwabiz

thebelfordgroup Thanks @thompsonoc for a great session.#2010nwabiz

angelabelford Leadership words: Invest & inspire, action, agility, curious & courageous. #2010nwabiz

BrentLeas Take the challenge and go to #2010NWABiz

RLACC Business Conference is underwater! Mike Thompson is speaking now. Great advice! #2010NWABiz

thebelfordgroup for leadership assessment.#2010nwabiz

thebelfordgroup Champion Leaders are Enlightened, Connected, Change Makers, Opportunity Minded by Mike Thompson. #2010nwabiz

BrentLeas Good stuff from Mike Thompson; Great takeaways! #2010NWABiz

ARWTC For those of you participating in the NWA Business Conf. today, use the hashtag #2010NWABiz. See you there!

markcloud Listening to Mike Thompson, formally of Thompson Murray, open the conference.... I loved Monster Inc. too.. #2010NWABiz

angelabelford Ready to listen to Mike Thompson at NWA Biz Conference #2010nwabiz.

MurDog At the NWA Business Expo. Can't wait to hear the speakers. #2010nwabiz

hashtager # RT @RLACC: If you'll be at the NWA Bus Conf & Expo today, we're using the hashtag #2010NWABiz

TechTeacherGirl RT @RLACC: If you'll be at the NWA Bus Conf & Expo today, we're using the hashtag #2010NWABiz

RLACC If you'll be at the NWA Bus Conf & Expo today, we're using the hashtag #2010NWABiz


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