Exciting times for NWA Emerging Leaders

Posted by: rlaccmarcom on Monday, October 26, 2009
Just in case you haven't heard some of the buzz about Northwest Arkansas Emerging Leaders (previous post:, this is a great time to learn more and get involved, or encourage an outstanding member of your team to do so!

Conceived as a vehicle for engaging some of the fantastic emerging talent attracted to Northwest Arkansas by the world-class companies in our backyards, NWA Emerging Leaders has quickly become a source of positive action for communities up and down Interstate 540. As a case in point, revisit the post regarding the outstanding efforts by the NWAEL Sustainability Workgroup during the P&G Beauty NWA LPGA Championship in September:

The next NWAEL quarterly program will be on October 28 from 11:30 to 1:00 at the Center for Nonprofits at St. Mary's in Rogers. The program will feature Legacy speaker Betsy Reithemeyer as well as Carla Sloan, who will speak about balance and finding your passion. Seating is limited - register and find additional information at:

A great deal of information is available at, including links to join NWA Emerging Leaders and to connect with the group via social media venues such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Motivated employees can print an information sheet for their boss to help convince them of the worthwhile nature of the program. On that note, however, the NWAEL program seeks to impose very little on the individual's work day by limiting programs to quarterly gatherings over the lunch hour. A great deal of the substance of NWA Emerging Leaders comes through the workgroups. A list, including contact information and mission statements, is also available at

Send the link to an aspiring young man or woman you may know in Northwest Arkansas. If they exude ideas, promise, commitment, passion and a desire to serve and to lead, they are probably a perfect fit for Northwest Arkansas Emerging Leaders. And if that sounds like you... hopefully you've just joined!


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