How to Use Your Member Portal

A Member’s Guide to the Members Only Portal


Our website offers many self-service and exclusive benefits that only members and/or their employees can take advantage of.  The pages in this guide will teach you how to log in and update your information, as well as take advantage of as many benefits as possible.  To ensure only members receive these benefits, these areas of our site require a valid log in.

To set up a new username and password, please contact Marni Rogers at or call (479) 636-1240 and request a Username and Password Reset Link.

1. Login Information

To login into the member portal, go to My Chamber Login (see below), add Username and Password, and click Submit.

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2. Edit Personal or Company Information

Once you sign into the member portal, you should see your personal account information and this view is where you can manage your Personal Account.

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To verify or update your information, click on the Edit Personal Info button and make any necessary changes then click Save.

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3. Billing Information

If you are a company administrator, you can update your staff, check referrals, update business directory listing, and pay bills online.  To manage account for your organization, go to "Manage account as" and click on the dropdown and select your Organization.

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You should see the Referral Chart for your organization and the number of times your business directory listing was viewed.

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To verify and update staff members, click on Update Manage Employees and Add Employee to add new staff or Edit Employee to update contact information.

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To add an Employee, click on Add Employee and type first and last name in the Employee Name field and email address in the Employee Email field and click Submit.  The Chamber will receive an email notification of the change and will add employee to member account within 48 hours. 

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To edit or remove an employee, click on Edit Employee and note change or click on dropdown to select Remove and click Submit. The Chamber will receive an email notification of the change and will add employee to member account within 48 hours. 

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4. Advertise Your Business

To change view from personal account to organization's account and make changes on behalf of your organization, click on drop-down arrow and select your organization.  You will need company administrator rights to make profile changes on behalf of your organization (e.g. update directory listing, manage employees, update contact information).  If you do not see a golden key next to your name, click on Contact Member Services button to request a key to obtain administrator access. 

Image 2020-03-26 at 4.35.19 PM

After you change to the organization's account, you should see your Referral Chart and the total number of times a visitor viewed your business directory listing.

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5. Download Member Reports

To view and download your Referral Report, find the Download Member Reports and click on Referral Report.

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Your Referral Report will be displayed on show all applicable referral types starting with profile views or the total number of ties


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