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Your Campaign Investment Makes Impact Possible

In partnership with local governments, community organizations, businesses and community leaders, we launched Impact Possible 2021 in 2017, an aggressive economic development and business expansion and attraction plan.  This plan was put together with input and support from the private and public sectors within the Rogers-Lowell Area.

The campaign’s primary goal is to build a cooperative vision while raising necessary funds to achieve five-year (2017-2021) measurable goals in five key areas of implementation

Business Retention and

Business Recruitment
and Marketing

Workforce Partnership


and Outreach

Quality of Life/
Downtown Redevelopment



No Investment is Too Small

The five-year cost for Impact Possible 2021 is a minimum of $3.1 million invested by the private sector. Investors include businesses, institutions, civic groups, foundations and individuals like you who want to invest in the future of our region.  Your tax-deductible gift plays a critical role in our success.

No investment is too small. Your contribution represents an investment in both the future of our region and your family’s future. Working together, we’ll continue to make an impact on our quality of life for generations to come. 


Impact Possible 2021 Resources

Executive Summary
Economic Development Report
Impact Possible Strategic Plan
Advocacy & Outreach Brief


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