Northwest Arkansas Council Arts Organization Awards Bridge Grants to 23 Local Nonprofits Impacted by COVID-19

Published Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The regional arts service organization at the Northwest Arkansas Council today announced that 23 local arts and culture nonprofits will receive grants through its bridge fund program.

The program, supported through a grant from the Walton Family Foundation, provides funding to support transitional and long-term planning for arts and culture organizations impacted by COVID-19.

“Grant recipients have a unique opportunity to reimagine their future, rejuvenate their work and rethink their audiences’ needs,” said Allyson Esposito, the regional arts organization’s executive director. “Many of the grantee organizations serve the region’s most vulnerable communities, and it’s critical to support them as they stabilize and plan for the future.”

More than 45 organizations applied for funding. A volunteer panel of community arts leaders made recommendations on which organizations should receive funding based on the extent of lost immediate revenue and non-recoverable expenses incurred due to COVID-19, the strength and feasibility of each organization’s plan to adapt in response to the current pandemic and the organizational budget size.

The following organizations will receive funding through the program:

Funds will be used for transition planning and support activities such as: developing new business models, paradigms, staffing models, programs and strategies; planning new activities for revenue generation; building capacity, tools and infrastructure to take programming online; and re-imagining creative production. 

For a brief description of each organization’s mission, visit the Northwest Arkansas Council’s website.

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