Arkansas Legislative Council Approves Additional Funding for Arkansas Ready for Business Grant Program

Published Friday, May 8, 2020

Today the Arkansas Legislative Council (ALC) approved a motion by Senator Jonathan Dismang to provide funding for an additional 92 million dollars for the Arkansas Ready for Business Grant program. Senator Cecile Bledsoe of Rogers is the Co-Chair of the ALC and presided over today’s meeting. The program utilizes C.A.R.E.S Act funding provided to the states by the federal government. Businesses that applied for funding from the program may use the funds to cover expenses for acquiring the sanitary and personal protection items required to comply with Federal and State guidelines on containing the Covid-19 virus.

The Arkansas Ready for Business Grant program received applications from businesses that totaled 147 million dollars. Legislators had initially approved 55 million dollars for the program. The overwhelming response led the Council to provide the additional funding for the program. If you have applied to the Arkansas Ready for Business Grant Program and have any questions about today’s actions taken by the ALC, please contact Jon Moran at or at 479-616-4484

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