Susan G. Komen Ozark Launches COVID-19 Relief Fund to Help Meet Needs of People Facing Breast Cancer During Pandemic

Published Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Susan G. Komen Ozark has partnered with Hope Cancer Resources to help support the unique needs of people facing breast cancer during this health and economic crisis. Rising unemployment and an overburdened health care system is causing a perfect storm for breast cancer patients who have questions or need care. There have already been patients lose income and fear for their health and survival, with many unable to access the treatment and medical care they critically need. The impact of COVID-19 makes the work of Komen Ozark critically urgent.

“Our top priority is to make sure women and men who have been diagnosed with breast cancer are able to continue their treatment during this time and we want to help remove barriers to care by providing financial assistance to patients,” said Lauren Marquette, Executive Director of Komen Ozark.

For those women and men looking for financial assistance during their treatment for breast cancer, Komen Ozark has now released funding to Hope Cancer Resources. Reach out to Hope Cancer Resources at 479-361-5847 or visit

Komen Ozark remains committed to doing whatever it takes to save lives by supporting those most vulnerable within the breast cancer community. Komen Ozark is asking the community to support urgent needs among our breast cancer community today by donating to Komen Ozark. Donations ensure that free, timely and important services continue for those in need, including:

  • Financial Assistance through the newly created COVID-19 Relief Fund for cost of living expenses to patients in treatment for breast cancer.
  • Patient Navigation to help anyone access the treatment they need by breaking down economic, social and emotional barriers; assist symptomatic women in obtaining necessary services; and answer questions related to healthcare concerns
  • Continued advocacy for breast cancer patients and their needs among policy makers; diagnostic testing coverage and support Arkansas BreastCare program.
  • Virtual education experiences to assist patients in accessing critical, timely information related to breast cancer treatment and COVID-19, yoga classes and mental health information on how to cope with stress and anxiety during this time. 
  • Funding lifesaving research and clinical trials to discover new treatments
  • General organizational support to keep Komen Ozark operating at full capacity so they can continue to deliver their mission and programs.

Individuals and companies interested in supporting the unique needs of breast cancer patients during this health crisis are encouraged to visit to learn more or go to to donate directly.

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