Visit Rogers Launches New Music Tourism Series, Amplify

Published Monday, February 3, 2020

Visit Rogers, the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for the City of Rogers, will premiere a new series, Amplify, on February 1 from 6:00 – 7:00 pm at the Arkansas Arts Academy in downtown Rogers. The streaming series follows musicians as they rediscover their roots, inspiration and the places that made their journey possible. Amplify’s first season begins with four episodes featuring three musicians in Rogers and can be viewed online at Places.Travel.

Barrett Baber, a key musician in the series, is an established singer/songwriter known widely as a finalist on The Voice. Baber has strong roots in Arkansas and Rogers, and shares some of his hardships as a professional musician. Caleb Enyart is an alt-rocker who has lived in Northwest Arkansas for his whole life. Amplify follows his journey as he manages touring with his band, making music and a family. The youngest musician in the series, Sierra Carson, is a student at Arkansas Arts Academy who juggles her schoolwork with her passion. Her path is at a crossroads while she decides if she will dedicate her life to music or go to college after graduation. Kenny Lamb, producer and manager with multi-platinum credits, is seen throughout the different story lines offering guidance to the artists and helping them create their sound.

As Amplify builds, it highlights another major actor in the series – the city of Rogers. The people, businesses and opportunities are all brought together by Rogers where the locals are all working to support the musicians in the series.

“The goal of Amplify is to tell the compelling story of the music scene in Rogers through the eyes of these artists, and deliver this branded, episodic content where and when viewers can watch it,” says Visit Rogers Executive Director J. R. Shaw.  “We are creating awareness of Rogers as a music destination for new markets through this online platform.”

Rogers's role in Amplify illustrates a consolidated effort by Visit Rogers and the Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce to reinforce the credibility of the growing music scene in Rogers. Entertainment was an integral part of the Vision 100 plan announced by the Chamber in October, including their vision to “be a destination for arts and entertainment. Creative people will choose to locate in the city because of the genuine character preserved and nurtured by the quality.” 

Amplify is produced by Odyssey, the studio at Miles Partnership and producer/director, Jessica Schoenbaechler.

“We had been working on the concept for an authentic, localized music series, and Rogers seemed like a perfect fit. They have world-class music venues, incredible musicians and a great respect for the music. That all comes through so naturally and effortlessly in Amplify.” Odyssey founder and Miles Partnership Senior Vice President Ryan Thompson says. 

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