Precipice IP PLLC Hosts Founder 2 Founder Series Beginning January 14 in Rogers

Published Friday, January 3, 2020

Precipice IP PLLC is launching a dine-around speaker series focused on entrepreneurs entitled Founder 2 Founder. The mentoring and networking series will showcase founders who have achieved major milestones in the life of their startup. Events will begin with networking, followed by a meal, and conclude with a guided discussion of how the showcased founder navigated their startup through major milestones like buying, selling, and merging. The Founder 2 Founder series will showcase a variety of founders, including founders who are women and people of color.

The first event in the Founder 2 Founder series will be held at Local Lime located at 2103 South Promenade Boulevard in Rogers at 7 p.m. on January 14, 2020. Founder 2 Founder will focus on a different founder, telling a different story, every other month in 2020. Space will be limited and registration is required. Register here.

“We are thrilled to share startup stories of regional and local founders. The founders highlighted have bought, sold, and merged businesses and the series will serve as a how-to-guide for our area startup community to do the same” said Angela Grayson, Principal Member and Founder of Precipice IP PLLC. “Why are we launching this series? Because we want founders to know building a business with the potential to be bought and sold is a real possibility” said Grayson who is also a founder of color herself.

The first speaker in the Founder 2 Founder series is Dr. Nashlie Sephus. Sephus, a Mississippi native, is currently the Applied Science manager for Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiative. She landed at Amazon through Amazon's purchase of her startup, PartPic, where she was the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Sephus and her team developed the image search feature in use by Amazon today.

PRECIPICE IP PLLC is an award-winning consultancy and intellectual property law boutique specializing in patent, trademark, copyright, and data law. They help entrepreneurs and technology-focused businesses protect their products, brands, designs, and data. They help start-up and emerging software, medical device, pharmaceutical, and materials companies be better positioned for investment, growth, and scale by addressing the technology law issues specific to these industries.

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