Assembled Products Corporation Requesting Proposals for Production of Healthcare and Medical Supplies to Combat COVID-19

Posted by: Justin Freeman on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Guest Blog Post by Erin Kiefer, President/CEO of Assembled Products Corporation

To Whom It May Concern,

We at Assembled Products Corporation exist to love others through innovations that overcome challenges. In this challenging time, we want to do our part in providing our nation with much-needed personal protective and medical equipment.

First and foremost, we are offering our help making connections among vendors at no cost. We see a large opportunity within our network of manufacturers from varying industries coming together to answer the call for our nation. Among our network it will take coordination from multiple companies to produce many of the PPE and equipment items required. If you would like us to help you make these connections, we are here to do so. Please email Darla Corbin, Purchasing Assistant, at for assistance gathering manufacturer information. We can provide a list based on the category(-ies) of manufacturer you are seeking.*

Secondly, we have a talented labor force and are now accepting proposals for contracted labor and/or production agreements to assist you in your production needs, whether in response to the call to produce medical equipment or otherwise. Our labor force is skilled in mechanical assembly, handling of sensitive electronic equipment, quality control, decal placement, and material handling. Our facilities include climate- and static-controlled environments for sensitive components. We are versed in both LTL and Parcel shipment and handling.

If you are interested in such an agreement, please contact Erin Kiefer at Please use code "DPA APC" as part of the subject line, so that I can separate serious inquiries from the current influx of spam regarding the Defense Protection Act.

We will together as a nation overcome this challenge with a God-fearing American spirit that includes determination and teamwork. Assembled Products is yet a small part in the fight, a drop in the bucket, but it takes many drops to fill the bucket, and we are proud to be just one.


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